What is the charles edwards show?

Coaching Services

Charles Edwards launched #The Charles Edwards Show on YouTube in June 2018, as a coaching program to help you step into your true greatness. The show aims to awaken and empower you and other millions around the globe. Every fortnight, Charles conducts interviews with ordinary folks, renowned business experts, celebrities and self – help advisers from around the glob to help you unlock your inner greatness . The mission of #The Charles Edwards Show is to give you a secrete space to rejuvenate your spirit, expand the horizon of your imagination and maximize your potential.


Who can be a guest on #The Charles Edwards Show?

You must be a small business owner,an artist, author, or subject matter expert to appear as a guest on #The Charles Edwards Show. This show is focused on awakening and empowering millions around the glob. Expert guests have included best-selling authors and small business experts Michael Gerber, Jean Chatzky, David Allen, Anita Campbell, Barry Moltz, Jill Konrath and Peter Shankman. #The Charles Edwards Show guests are booked two months in advance. Once your topic is selected, you will be required to submit 12 questions and answers in paragraph form to demonstrate your expertise. For details on how to submit your information to be a guest on #The Charles Edwards Show click here.

How can my company sponsor #The Charles Edwards Show?

We invite brands to sponsor #The Charles Edwards Show for one week, one month or three months. We allow brand managers to work with us on the topic or suggest a small biz expert to be a guest. Or you may sponsor the show with a pre-selected guest. As part of your sponsorship, you will receive four branded tweets during the show with links to a special offer or promotion. If your company is interested in sponsoring #The Charles Edwadrds Show please contact charles@charlesedwardsonline.com for details.