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“Improve your communication skills and transform your life” with Charles Edwards

Having the ability to  communicate effectively with others in any setting both individually and collectively – small groups, hundreds or even thousands, is a key component to your personal and professional success.

A high IQ is usually a requirement for rising to the highest ranks of business today. Amazingly, a high IQ does not guarantee that you will stand out and rise above everyone else.

Did you know that your ability to communicate effectively accounts for 85% of your success in business and in life?

According to the research carried out by the Carnegie Institute of Technology, 85 percent of your financial success is due to skills in “human engineering,” your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15 percent is due to technical knowledge.

Learning how to tell your story strategically will earn you trust and likability. It is the Nobel Prize winning Israeli-American psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, found that people would rather do business with a person they like and trust rather than someone they don’t, even if the likeable person is offering a lower quality product or service at a higher price.

Empower yourself with simple methods and techniques that will enhance your ability to deliver your message precisely and clearly.


Regardless of how you may rate yourself as a communicator, there is always room for growth. With Charles Edwards, you get to learn actionable tips on how to hone your speaking skills and share your message to the rest of the world.