Happy Birthday Kyla

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Happy Birthday Kyla

happy birthdayI had a privilege to join Miriam Muhonja as they were celebrating their firstborn daughter – Kyla Aseyo Keya’s 6th birthday having turned six years today on, 9th 2016.

Miriam is an entrepreneur founder of a consultancy firm called High Impact Sales Trainers and Consultancy. She is a coach and an electrifying motivational speaker who will always never fail to deliver. Her customized talks addresses the WHY and nailed together with the HOW to enable your audience to take the required actions.Miriam is a kind of a speaker you will definitely want to hire unless she is engaged.

Miriam has a masters in international Business and currently pursuing her Doctorate. You can follow her @mmasuluda

I know that you probably came here today expecting to read another creative post to help you grow your business, but for this post you’re stuck with me.  Today is just a special day to share with you little about this wonderful, entrepreneur.

They say when you are surrounded in darkness; you don’t see a way out. You need help for real that is when God sends an angel in form of a human who becomes your friend and pull you out of darkness. I truly believe that with all my heart as that’s how I met Miriam, my mentor, my genuine friend who for real makes me believe I am truly blessed.

We met each other as students at the Motivational academy. We were total strangers. Miriam then turned into someone I know. Then she turned into my good luck charm for all my success.

Fast forward to the time when things weren’t right, all I could see was darkness and hopelessness, she turned into a light, a hope and she turned into someone I could call my friend and not just a friend. When I am going through something, I block the world out by putting up walls all around me and through her company, she was that one person who had the ability to bring down all walls and he saved me from sulking deep into the sea of depression and getting lost. She never lets me get lost. She is that hand that held my business every time lifted it to greater heights.

Help me to salute Miriam for her warm  heart and the good work she is doing out there. Just drop her some warm comments in the comment box bellow. This will help Miriam know how much I really value what she is doing out there.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice one Charles. Miriam is sure a true friend and I pray that your stars may be brighter in this New Year.

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