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Show – Welcome To My YouTube Channel


Hello…It’s Charles Edwards here…..

This is my personal site where I have been sharing personal development ideas & stories

for a while now, and I think it’s time to bring in some new content and be a

little more engaging! Some of my listeners have suggested that perhaps I should also try

to make videos as well, so that brings me here (:

My YouTube channel will be another place for me to express just that, but with an added touch of visuals hehe!!!

Anyway, thank you very much for stopping by.  It is always my pleasure to be part of you in your journey of growth and living your greatness. This is going to be a very quick introduction to let you know this little dude. Personally I’m a transformational life coach and I also train people how to develop their power signature through their own personal stories, how to get the results they want and how to get to the next level in their lives. Hope that sounds good…hahaa!!!

Part of that, in this show I shall be hosting guests to share their stories with you and the rest of the world because  I believe that through listening to other people’s stories we are able to get inspired and start designing a new chapter in our lives.  This is a program that I have designed to transform your mind to create new possibilities and inspire you to love your life and to live your dreams because you have something special. You’ve got what it takes to start racing towards your greatness.

So I invite you to be part and parcel of this show by subscribing to my channel here.  Here, we talk about human interest stories…those things that involve you and those that you are concerned about.

I hope you find them enjoyable, helpful, and inspiring!

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