Email Marketing : The Secret Ingredient

Email Marketing

There are tons of ways you can use to market your business out there. Different people use different methods to promote their businesses. This majorly depends on the nature of the business. Personally, I have used and tested nearly all methods and there’s one method I value most as it has really worked for my business as compared to other methods. These doesn’t mean that I am ruling out other methods as I use them too.

Want to know one of the most excellent ways to stay in touch with customers? The answer is as easy as ABC…Still thinking what it is…? Here is the answer…Email marketing!

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is directly promoting a commercial message to a group of people using email. It is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your customers. It’s also cost-effective and, if done properly, can help build loyalty and brand awareness. At a typical cost of only a few cents per message, Email marketing is impressively less expensive and speedier as compared to traditional mail, basically in view of high cost and time needed in a traditional mail campaign for producing the artwork, printing, addressing and mailing. In addition, response rates on email marketing are strong as compared to traditional mail depending on the industry and format.
Hope you start seeing the need of starting an email marketing campaign to promote your business. Another benefit of email marketing is the demographic information that customers give when signing up for your email newsletter. This gives you the ability to discovering exactly who your customers are their age and interests. Customers can also provide information about the region they live in. This can help you style your products and services to best suit their needs.

There is a great need to ask yourself a number of questions before you begin creating your email newsletter campaign:

Should I use HTML or Plain Text?

Response rates for HTML newsletters are generally far higher than plain text. You also have option to use graphics and colors. This will make your publications look far more professional and brandable. The disadvantage is that HTML email is slower takes to load. Some email providers also may block the HTML email.

What incentive, if any, am I providing consumers?

In order to get visitors to sign up for your newsletter, it is important to tell them the benefits of signing up for your newsletter. These might be helpful tips, informative content or early notification of special offers or campaigns.

Am I asking too many questions?

You should make your sign up Form easy for your visitors to sign up. Requesting too much demographic information from your visitor reduces the number of customers signing up. It is therefore, advisable to limit the amount of information you ask for or give customers the option of skipping the questionnaire.

Am I going the extra mile?

Statistics suggest that email newsletters that offer information that is useful to the customers’ lives than merely selling products and services are more successful. It is vital to include helpful tips, engaging content and humor in your email newsletters.

Why Do You Really Have To Establish a Web Presence?

With today’s ever-changing business trends, business emphasis is on e-commerce. Rapid business transactions and incomparable access to information has changed consumer behavior and expectations as well. You might be missing a lot if you can’t much your business with the ever changing trend. There are benefits to establishing a Web presence for your business. This will give you a fair position to dominate your market once you do it right. Just having your company’s information available on the web prospective customers can greatly boost your marketing efforts by offering customers everything from pre-sale information to post-sale support and service. With E-marketing, smaller businesses have a greater opportunity to compete fairly with large businesses, a thing that has been of disadvantage to smaller businesses for many years.

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